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Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
I don't captain cruisers, but I consider them one of my toughest opponents as an escort captain.
Other escorts are going to be similar to me, but as an engineer I have survivability advantage, and sci ships function best in groups. One on one, not usually too scary.
So I spend alot of time watching and analyzing cruisers.

The ones that harm me the most seem to be the all-beam boats.
If I had to reconstruct for the OP what I'd guess is the most effective Galaxy class build it would look something like this;
(Assume all gear is max rarity and mark)

Fore; 1x phaser dual beam bank, 1x photon torpedo, 2x phaser single beam arrays
Rear; 1x photon torpedo 2x phaser single beam arrays.

Because you have torps both fore and rear, coverage of 4, count them, FOUR beams for broadsides and the fore quadrant, and you still maintain a modest two phaser compliment in the rear (plus the torp).
Alternately switch rear torp for another beam.

ENG: 3x RCS consoles.
Sci: Something to boost hazard systems
Tac: Phaser relays, torpedo chambers, adjust amount of which as desired.

A Galaxy's biggest weakness is turn rate.
'nough said.

Normally I'd recommend the Breen set since its the only set you can get at Captain but I'm not sure if forced mission progression has changed its availability.
Alternatively, get an impulse engine with turn boosts for added movement freedom.

Here I'm slightly at a loss, but I know emergency power to shields, engineering team, and SIF are nice.
Theres also some sort of power that increases your energy beam shield penetration, and aceton field is just a straight up attack power.
For sci, I would personally use TSS-I and the holo-power that decreases recharge times. But thats me.

Tac I know a bit more about. Given only one Lt. Boff slot I would pick;
*Beam overload
*Attack Pattern Beta. (With those beams and beta and the shield penetration power you could probably watch enemies literally melt.)

Given the extra sci slot of the +1 ship I'd take along hazard emitters.

But hey, I'm just an escort fantasizing about what my worst fears were at that tier.
I flew the Galaxy-R forever. I tried buffing the turn rate on it, but eventually I realized it was just wasted consoles. The best thing to do, I believe, if you want to buff turn rate is to use things like evasive maneuvers and other turn buffs so you can use them right when you need to bring those forward torpedoes or science powers to bear.