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Originally Posted by DialgaChampion View Post
Anyone know if there are any Science Consoles that boost resistance to Tractor Beams, or any that make it easier to detect cloaked ships?

Or, speaking of which, what are your favorite Science Consoles ever since the Season 5 change-over?

Just trying to figure out which science consoles do what now....
For stealth detection you'll want the Sensor Probes consoles; they buff Sensors which boost your stealth detection.
For tractor resists, if you don't want to run an active resist like Attack Pattern Omega or Polarised Hull then the Inertial Dampeners console is supposed to boost passive tractor resists. I've not found them to be overly useful but then I only encounter tractor beams in STFs and the Borg have tractor beams that are much more powerful than any other NPC uses.

As for my favourite consoles then it depends on what I'm doing. For STFs I focus on shield heals (as they just love to drain shields) so I run with the Shield Emitter consoles so as to buff my EPtS, TSS and Science Team shield heals.
I also occasionally run with Flow Capacitors to boost the power drain from Tyken's and the target subsystems but they aren't really necessary for use against NPCs so they don't get much use.
Other than those I don't bother with any Science consoles, many aren't too useful so I just use the Science console slots as dump slots for the special consoles and for boosting my shield heals in STFs.