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01-01-2012, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by VSal View Post
This unfortunately goes with (Atleast on Elite);

"It's Only a flesh wound" - PPL that join elite with ABSOLUTELY NO HEALS/COMPONENTS

Which they keep dying....o_O
On the opposite side is the person who seems deeply offended that somebody else would choose to ignore a useless injury. Last time I did Infected on elite, I got a critical sickbay injury. Huge hit to my crew recovery, which I choose to ignore because I don't have much crew as it is on my escort, and even with full recovery I'm running around with 0 crew most of the time in space STFs.

But apparently that was deeply offensive to one guy in the team. I cleared probably 15 or 20 injuries off myself in that STF, just ignored that one critical because it didn't matter and I could clear it for free later, and was hounded the entire time. I thought about leaving that injury there forever in hopes of meeting him in another STF, but it was gone when I logged back in today.