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01-01-2012, 08:12 PM
Lesseee, what have I seen after 80+ STFs...

The Chess-Master
This one likes to move the pieces of the board around, but without actually affecting them. His/her favorite haunts are Khitomer and Cure, where they can be seen using Tractor Beam Repulsors pushing around probes and assimilated KDF vessels without actually attacking them. But rarely, he/she can be witnessed in Infected, pushing Nanite spheres and probes towards the nodes by accident. First cousin to the Trap-Springer.

The Lonely Puppy
Follows a player with a specific job to do when it would be more prudent for them to fight elsewheres. Often seen at Khitomer and Cure, following the designated probe and Kang guardians to 'help' kill probes or to 'help' sit around guarding the Kang.

The Trap-Springer
This person's idea of helping usually involves firing Tractor Repulsors or Magnetometric bursts to shove trapped enemy vessels out of their ally's Tyken Rifts, Gravity Wells, and out of imminent harm from tricobalts and other attacks. "That'll learn 'em whatfor!"

The Silent Operative
See 'Chat? Disabled!' combined with 'I know this mission, I really do!'.

Collectivus Maximus
Chooses 'Need' out of habit. Clever CMs will wait for their teammates to finish their choices (usually 'Greed') before being the last to press 'Need'.

Terrifying Tortoise (a.k.a The Ent)
Witnessed twice with KDF carriers. They never let anyone rush them, and their motto is 'Don't be hasty'. They will perform in their own time, flying simply at impulse and coasting where the action is, often being the last to arrive to help. May sometimes cause extended Optional attempts that have a high chance of failing.

There's prolly plenty more I'm missing.