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01-01-2012, 08:54 PM
Very little of PVP success is determined by equipment. It helps, no question, but most of it comes down to how you use your BOFF powers, and how you use your strengths. It is very easy for an experienced PVPer to take on a bunch of inexperienced PVPers who don't understand how their BOFF powers should be used, or even which ones to be using.

The Galaxy is a slug, and no amount of RCS consoles will ever change that. They are not worth it on that ship. What you do want, though is to have a pair of emergency power to shields powers at the very least so you can have good shield resistances full time. Tac team is extremely useful of course for its shield rebalancing, especially on a sluggish Galaxy.

In the situation where someone is on your tail just hammering at one shield facing, however, you have to do some fancy maneuvering to force them off your tail, and that means using some other powers. Evasive maneuvers, maybe put power to engines, maybe use emergency power to engines, and shift into reverse, along with some warp plasma for their trouble, and they will quickly learn how bad an idea it was to sit right on a cruiser's six.

You'll have them in front of you in short order if they were too close, and can even turn to broadside while they now have to maneuver back into position, during which time they will not have cannons on target, and may even be trapped in warp plasma.