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# 1 Cannons in cruisers...
01-02-2012, 12:40 AM
A player who's been away for awhile...I remember when I left thinking the best weapon loadout for DPS was DBBs up front, turrets in back...and, I guess that might still be true? I remember there was a lot of talk about beam boats...but, that seems to have disappeared on my return. And, when I broke my KDF toon's Kar'Fi out mothballs, I found myself loading regular cannons (the single kind, not dual) up front and loving it...and, when I pushed my FED toon up to VA and set him in his boat, thinking, wait, why not my (excelsior) cruiser as well?

Okay. SO. Cannons need to be within 5km to do their optimal damage...well hell. You end up there quick enough anyways, and of course 180 arc trumps 90 for ease of maintaining...but. Those aside. Actual damage. DBBs would put out more than cannons...but. You could spec cannon skills on your tac BO and be boosting all your weapons as opposed to only being able to bump up half of, the question is, would that be enough to cut through the damage difference in the actual loadouts themselves? 2 copies of spray and pray (CSV) seem downright devious and attention getting (which I like as an ENG mostly tankish guy) in the little bit of PvE I do...

Weigh in for me?