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Question for the number crunchers out there. So I come back to the game and there's these nifty torpedoes out there...the Hargh'Peng and the are these for damage? Are they worth using over conventional torpedoes? Should I pick one and not the other? Do they benefit from +torpedo consoles? Specific ones? How about as a Tactical captain vs say a Science one?

I kinda like the idea of the exotic torpedoes...have had great fun (albeit limited) with the Bio-Neural, and, especially for the science toon I'm leveling, I like not feeling like I have to include a torpedo related skill for my tac BO and the options that gives, but, I don't want to gimp myself if these are situational useful gimmicks rather than genuinely viable Where do they stand?

And an ALMOST unrelated question, but. Cannon scatter volley vs torpedo spread. Obviously both AoE skills, but. Does one trump the other? And, is one more potent than the other if used vs a single target?