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01-02-2012, 06:09 AM
Just like any assignment, it's not always there.

Chains are doubly annoying - you need to be on the right step AND it needs to be there. This is why focusing on one colony is a pretty bad idea, waiting for steps will take forever.

What I do is check them all once a day, and keep a text file with my current chain status, just the name of each cluster and how many chain steps I've done in it. Copy/paste of it:

Betraka: 6
Affihir: 5
Khazan: 4
Delta Vorlanis: 4
Arucanis: 4
D'kel: 3
Rolor: 3
T'ong: 3
Zenas: 3
Eridon: 2
B'tran: 2
Hromi: 2
Eridan: 1
Azlesa: 0