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Gold Pressed Latinum. As it stands is the only currency in game that was an actual currency in Trek. But what can we get for it? We can play dabo, we can buy holo emitters and floor trophies. But sadly the floor trophies aren't that great. The holo emitters are one time use and only 15 mintues long. Last time i checked, 1000 latinum (GPL Package) was going for 20,000 credits on the exchange. With the 75,000-100,000+ price tags on the emitters, it hardly seems worth it.

Personally i'd like to see a little more for it. There are already Ferengi in the game trying to sell us a bunch of stuff, But why not asking for our latinum? Why not offering us "less than Legal" goods? Why not offer us Hard to obtain items? If 6 Ferengi can take on the Jem'hadar and capture a Vorta, who knows what they could "Acquire" for a huge pile of Gold Pressed Latinum.

One such thing i would like to see is Cross faction Ships. Keep it simple at first, shuttles, maybe a bird to prey or escort. Maybe cross faction costume options, like the reman Hoods, romulan shirts, or the refugee gear from the Reman weeklies? Easy things that are already in the game, but something that would make playing Dabo a little more worth it than what there is at the moment. I'd love to hear some other suggestions of what poeple would like to see as a GPL purchase in game.