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01-02-2012, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Nikotaka
Terrifying Tortoise (a.k.a The Ent)
Witnessed twice with KDF carriers. They never let anyone rush them, and their motto is 'Don't be hasty'. They will perform in their own time, flying simply at impulse and coasting where the action is, often being the last to arrive to help. May sometimes cause extended Optional attempts that have a high chance of failing.
As a carrier captain I can say from experience that sometimes they take a lot of time to drop red alert, newer carrier pilots also seem to not realise that active pet commands can keep you from dropping red alert too. Also, if your facing the wrong way in your carrier they take about a year to turn around unless you have evasive maneuvers ready.

The most fun one though is the player who likes to follow you around while Rebecca Simmons is shooting her chain attack...