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01-02-2012, 12:41 PM
To be honest, I think what keeps me here instead of jumping over there is that this is Star Trek, and that's Star Wars. I grew up with Trek, grew up hating the other. So, with that, ToR will always be a crappy game to me. The game mechanics, the voice-acting, everything else may be far superior to STO, but it will be bad to me simply because it's Star Wars.

Am I blind to the problems of STO? Heck no. They bug the crap out of me. But even with this annoyance, I still have fun, odd as that may seem. Deep in the darkest recesses of my mind, I'd love to see ToR fail, and I'm convinced that it'll go the way of this place in that it'll be all promises and very little delivery. Can't be sure.

What I am sure is that this place has a couple more years left on it, and I'm gonna get what I can out of it. I won't ever play ToR, for reasons already stated, but I'm not going to call it a bad game. No right to, as I'm not playing it.