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# 1 Armek idea
01-02-2012, 12:45 PM
Because it is practically impossible to defeat armek in that forcefield place so my idea is:

You know the area behind armek with the ramps they should make all those ramps conect so you can get up and then you have armek waiting in an alcove but know you can run around the ramps and get to cover because those ramps have practically no use.

Also there could be a like forcefield around armek's alcove (maybe with 2 honor guard assimilated people like still with the uniform on but assimilated as bodyguards) and once you de-activate the forcefields there is a borg overide that puts a forcefield round all the ramps and once you die you get respawned out of the area so this could make more stragy in the fight against armek because in the STF before it was revamped the once a couple of different stragies in like having 4 snipers and a melee.

This is just an idea