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01-02-2012, 04:42 PM
Perhaps you could include what happens when "dismiss" a doff?
And the "Execute for Incompetance" assignment.

Like, "What happens when I dismiss a White Doff? What happens when I dismiss a Rare Doff? Do i get XP or Dilithium? how much?"

"If I execute a Green Doff for incompetence, will I get a 'better' reward from the assignment? What about a Rare Doff?"


I'll help with this.

Dismissing "Rewards"
White Doff - 75 Dilithium + 10 Recruitment xp
Green Doff - 150 Dilithium + 25 Recruitment xp
Rare Doff - 250 Dilithium + 100 Recruitment xp
Very Rare Doff - 500 Dilithium + 250 Recruitment xp

I'll include some "Execute for Incompentecne numbers when I have some.
You get the listed rewards, regardless of the Quality Doff that you execute for Incompentnce.
If you Execute a Very Rare, you still get the 'standard' rewards.