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01-02-2012, 05:30 PM
It depends on what the particular items are. Costumes, additional currency, character slots, etc. are generally unlocked automatically. For customes, you just edit a costume and make use of them. BTW, Customs are actually sets of costume pieces. You might have to hunt around a bit to get all of the right bits.

Most other items are obtained from the C-Store inside of the game. You items generally will be un the Items tab or Legacy Unlocks. Just select the items and the "Claim" button. The items will be added to your Inventory.

For ships, you might get an item that shows up in your inventory. The pop up text will tell you want the items is. To use it just right click the item and select Use from the menu. To use your ship, you need to go to Ship Requisitions (the door in the back of the Ship Yard) and select your ship at the Select Ship contact just inside Ship Requisitions. Otherwise claim your ship from the Ship Vendor like any other ship. And the goto the Select Ship contact to make it your current shilp.

I hope I answered your question and Welcome to the Game.