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01-03-2012, 05:58 AM
Kostamojen. Very nice guide. It is a very good starting point for escort players to run STFs with a working build.

I am currently running Elite STFs in PUGs and the only thing i am really concerned about are the non-heavy plasma torp hits.

I don't have a real idea how to deal with them, as even with a full resibuffed fleet escort those little invisible buggers hit me for as high as 70k which is simply to much for my fleet escort.

Any advice on that or would it simply be: "Forget about hull. Concentrate on shields resi and heal and stay out of the damned front and rear arcs?"

EDIT: For the record my build

Weapons all Purple Phasers
3x MK XI Turrets

Tac 4x +26 Phaser Dmg
Sci Borg Console, Enhanced Plasma Manifold
Eng Shield Cap +35, all Resi +18, Phaser, Plasma, Tetryon, Disruptor +26

TacTeam I || CRF I || APO I || CRF III
TacTeam I || CSV I || APB I
EMPtS 1 || AuxtSIF 1
Tractor Beam I || HE II

With this build i tried to find something against the torp hits. But as this doesnt seem to work well, i will probably echange AuxtSIF for RSP and one of the hullresiconsoles for shield regen or shield power console. Eventually to increase my "hold" ability i might switch one of the back turrets to tractor mines.