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01-03-2012, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
One such thing i would like to see is Cross faction Ships.
but... but.... the Ship Holo Emitters ARE cross faction Ships... ok not KDF/FED, but Breen for example... (there are more factions than we are allowed to play).

the 15 minute timer on those Emitters is a deal breaker, i think i never seen anyone use one on Holodeck. which is just sad. Because DABO was supposed to be FUN, we even got a Star Trek Actor to do Voice Overs for it... and yet... Dabo turned out to be a low value conversion to get time limited things after pushing a button for DAYS of /played time.

I've once set up my Screen so that only the bet button is visible, and watched TWO full length Movies while pressing the mouse button.... i did not have enough GPL after that to buy anything good...

Time limited rewards should be cheaper, so they are more attractive, and easier to get.
If i play one hour of Dabo to get any Holo Emitter... i would actually do it from time to time, just for the lolz.
-> that is when people want to return to the activity again and your "energy credit sink" is actually used sink those energy credits.

but nooo... they made it so hard that no one even cares to play Dabo.
and Leeta's VO still is played in wrong places...
played the Devidian Missions just this week and on beam in to Drozana i heard "Spin the Wheel and WIN!".... uuuhm.... i am like 5 rooms away, stop screaming in my ear plz.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
and Voyager all had people refer to a Federation currency.
Voyager was running low on Energy so they had to ration Replicator energy -> everyone was refering to those "Replicator Rations" (i think that is the wording?)

But that was not actual currency, Tom Paris still managed to get the crew to gamble for it


also the J'Man said something in the last STOked that Latinum is going to get looked at after the holidays because the Winter event races reward items that will be turned in for Latinum.
But he also said they want to keep whatever they add to the Latinum stores to be time limited.
So they can do fun things with it that they could not do otherwise (like the Breen Holo emitter i guess?).

Anyway i would like some more permanent things plz.
Maybe some more casual clothing options to unlock for those Off Duty Outfits....
things like the SCARFS from the winter event.