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01-03-2012, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
I am sorry but the new PvPers are going to get the welcome I got when I left the Kiddie Pool and tried my hand at PvP. This whole we need to treat everyone like winners BS is BS. If you have the mental fortitude to have your aft handed to you 100 times until you realize you need to ask for help. I will gladly give that person advice. If they start with why you picking on me a n00b I will proceed to send them home to mommy. There are still a few in the community that went out of there way to embarrass me and I think it helped. I mean I feel like I am a Top Tier PvPer not up there with the GOAT but a good player which is far cry from my RSP chaining assault cruiser days.
I think there is a range between treating everyone as a winner and "ganking noobs".

But I think most of the PvP communtiy that I am aware of (which may admittedly just the cool and good guys.) probably fits right into that range between. I think most of us here are interesting in sharing tips and will do so if asked. Maybe we can try to reach out more. If we see that pure Galaxy Cruiser in over his head, constantly without shield resistance and blowing up 60 seconds after respawn, we can not only continue blowing him up, we can also send a message suggesting to load up on EPtS and stuff. (I'd be careful with direct tells, though. He may just think you want to insult and ridicule him...)

But I think it can be expected that a PvP interested individual reaches out occasionally and ask questions. I believe it is our responsibility to react. Be more kind in chat then you were in fight.