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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
You forgot the

" "I am gonna park myself here and not do anything" - is the only plan that works" people

The ones who sit at

Infected gate, shooting incoming spawns, usually failing - Not otherwise contributing
Cure Kang, Shooting incoming spawn, usually failing (I'll protect the Kang) - Not otherwise contributing
KA Vortex, I'll protect the Vortex, susually failing - Not otherwise contributing.

Thoose guys benefit ZERO to the missions, and even if they don't fail, they still do not truely contribute, because most of the time they are sitting on their hands.

If you can't "Take on nanites", "Hit and Run", "Shoot and kill", then IMO you shouldn take on thoose tasks... Let someone else from the group do that untill you can do more than one task at a time.
I beg to differ. These people are why optional succeed. On infected, you need at least one person between the nanite generators and the gate, preferably a science vessel to slow down incoming spheres and probes. You also need the rest of the team to pay attention and help them out.

On Cure you need one or two people doing the same thing. As long as you do not aggravate the other cubes, one can usually handle it on normal, but what sometimes happens is that someone will attack a second cube's spheres or the part of the team attacking the spheres lets raptors slip through so the guy guarding the Kang is overwhelmed and nobody comes to help him.

On KA you need either one person sitting at the other spawn point stopping the probes that come through or two people attacking the gate and stopping whatever comes through. These optionals usually fail because the main team does not take down the gate in time or they allow ships to slip through.