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01-03-2012, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by Starwrath
Welcome to the new era of PvP! The Klinguns were already OP, but they have recently gotten new nasty tricks, the so-called toy consoles, making them almost invincible. That's why many fed players don't want to face the PvP queues! So now in Ker'rat it's easier for them to occupy the spawning area of the feds. I suggest you to join with a fed group and never leave them to go alone, then you'll have the chance to fight back and survive. Very hard times for us, my fed comrade...
now now star, neither the klingon ships or the weapons available are OP. its just that as a matter of percentage of players out there that actually play klingon, most are VERY good at pvp. you can learn a lot about this game by just sitting and watching Lore go to work. same can be said for tsi on the fed side tho...get 3 of their fleeters on the same team and you are in for a tough one at the very least.

here are some fed v kling thoughts....

-the defiant is the best fighter in the game. the raptor is great but the turn rate holds it back a little.
-everytime you put a "toy" console on a BOP, you loose either defense, mobility, or punch....3 very important things. especially for the tiny no hull/no shield ship that it is. only the top players can fly a BOP to effectiveness.
-the mvae can be, at any given time, the most versatile ship in the battle. no klingon ship comes close.
-fed sci ships are possibly, if anything, the most powerful ships in the game. the vast array of full aux damage and easy to use subsystem targeting make it a flying fortress.
-the ability to carry dual heavy cannons and cloak for the klingon battlecruisers is a very overrated "ability" that is mostly only good for the big first punch....after that it lacks the mobility and firepower of the excelsior.
-klingon carriers, when piloted properly, can be extremely fun and unbelieveable support. if anything in this whole game is OP, its those damn drone assimilator things.

the factions are slightly different, but in all but 1 area the fed ships simply dominate in any given battle role that needs to be filled. the 1 area klingons in my opinion have a big advantage, is the ability of that big first strike, and keep the damage/pressure on..and at a very high level. now put that advantage in the hand of the best pilots in the game...and well, you get fedballers crying about it on the forums.

have fun. kill bad guys.