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01-03-2012, 11:49 AM
Built a ship based on the Defiant-R suggestion to play with since my typical Science vessel is severely hampered by a bug. Man this thing's got power! Had to replay a few story missions to get the subspace modulator, etc. Heh, in the story missions where it's only like 1-2 spheres instead of 4, you just dominate.

My problem is that I am too fast. I fly at full throttle and am constantly passing everyone by. Should I be reducing my throttle a lot and camping in one spot to shoot things? For tanking the big stuff like gates, etc. that works okay, but against other enemies it's too fast. I run 100/50/25/25, maybe I can lower the engine power more because it's simply wasted power if you have to cut the throttle to keep a manageable speed?

Lastly, has anyone tried the rapid reload transphasic you can get from the Breen missions? What about the Transphasic cluster torpedo? I noticed running with TS1 and TS2 I am almost activating the skills faster than my torp can shoot. I tried using the RRT launcher to see if it improves things any. Does the RRT have the same cooldown as the Quantums though?