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01-03-2012, 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by Starwrath
Yeah, the battle cloak, an insane turn rate and the universal bridge stations make a bop raptor wolf pack the most lethal armada of the game and they are also supported by the spam carriers! They can choose the right time to strike first and hard always surprising the feds...but CaptainHorizon just admit it!
And no, you bad guys are killing us!
lol, yeah dude, you gotta play both factions a lot to really get a solid feel. i have 3 VA feds, 1 of each captain..and im working on my second klingon LG.

but IMO, if you want the most lethal 5 on the want this:


give me 4 players who will be on constantly and want to win and ill put that together for you.