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01-03-2012, 12:53 PM
Klinks as a faction weren't over powered but there are a lot of broken mechanics and poorly balanced toys floating around, all of which were introduced at pretty much the same time. Unfortunately, many of the new consoles revolved around things that aren't working like they should (or are working better than they should).

There is a post in the Tribble forum where they point out, for example, that the power drain resistance from the skill tree doesn't work. When you take that into account with the prevalence of new items which drain your power it really hurts. That Hazard Emitters isn't countering, and hasn't countered for some time, Theta or Warp Plasma is just another example. There are a number of problems but most of it stems from poorly implemented or broken mechanics that Cryptic can't seem to prevent themselves from releasing.

They dump all this crap and then go on vacation (I'm not saying they don't deserve some time off) but once more they leave a mess. The best part is, maybe we get these things fixed at some point and then they'll just do it all over again with the Enterprise-F or some silly thing.