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01-03-2012, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
The BOP do not work with the Carrier commands and seldomly attack any targets after being launched.

It seems that since Cryptic changed the weapon loadout of the BOP the AI has no idea what to do with it.

After launch the BOP will cloak and fly off in random directions most of the time never attacking.

It seems the the AI is at fault here because the BOP and all the other fighters worked perfectly during the early Tribble testing a few updates before it was moved over the holodeck.

The BOP and most of the other fighters were broken by the last 2 updates on tribble before the move to Holo, Cryptic was informed about the problems with the BOP and fighters before the move but still pushed them over to Holo broken.

We've been told the a fix is on the way.
Lovely. I have had my Kar'Fi's frigates stick to my behind and do nothing sometimes as well. It is very annoying when they do that.