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01-03-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
-everytime you put a "toy" console on a BOP, you loose either defense, mobility, or punch....3 very important things. especially for the tiny no hull/no shield ship that it is. only the top players can fly a BOP to effectiveness.
^^ THIS is so TRUE and thank you Horizon for revealing it this way.(I m liking this phrase so much that i m going to use it as my signature if u dont mind)

KDF players in STO are a tiny minority compared to the Feds mainly because of the show itself.Everyone wants to be a Picard ,a Janeway,a Sisko,a Kirk ,a Spock etc ( the player names in the game with hundred different "Picard" and "Kirk" versions reflect just that..) Very few want to be "Worfs" and even less enjoy the role of the "nameless" Klingon.
From the beggining of STO the small amount of KDF players had to go through "iron and steel" to level up.PvP only.In Kerrat Klings were always the "dirty dozens" that were spawn camped ,hunted and killed whenever the odds were good for the Federation side.And the odds were ALWAYS good because there ALWAYS were more Feds than klings.In order to survive,KDF players and the BOP pilots in particular had to resort to other methods to "survive"....They started to team up and be supportive to one another regardless of fleet.The coordinated their attack,surgicaly striking the Feds at their weak points.It took many months for these guys to excell in their versatile yet fragile vessels.
90% of the KDF players u come across in Kerrat are among the best escort pilots in STO.Most of them are true veterans who realy know STO space battle.
Ignorant feds ,mainly those that have never leveled or realy played a KDF at a competitive level are crying and shouting about the OP Klingons..."Their battle cloak is OP"....."Their weapons are superior"....They now have OP and broken consoles that makes them further OP.."
NO. I know you dont accept this but let me give u the facts:
KDF if ""OP" is only because most of them are SUPERIORLY SKILLED players.Even without any stupid console they would dominate Kerrat when numbers are not overwhelmingly against them.
They are the better players.It took them a long time to reach that level.Respect that.Face them ,be beaten and know the truth.Strive to improve and maybe one day you can reach their level and stop whining in forums about how OP they are.