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01-03-2012, 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by Stormnnorm
My problem is that I am too fast. I fly at full throttle and am constantly passing everyone by. Should I be reducing my throttle a lot and camping in one spot to shoot things? For tanking the big stuff like gates, etc. that works okay, but against other enemies it's too fast. I run 100/50/25/25, maybe I can lower the engine power more because it's simply wasted power if you have to cut the throttle to keep a manageable speed?
25 is the lowest you can set a subsystem's power level at. If the fight is one you judge you can win before they blow you up, then by all means slow down. You lose defensive bonus, but again, if you're going to blow them up and finish the fight anyway, and know you will have enough time to heal up a bit before the next fight, then slow down.

I typically go at 1/4 impulse or even full stop, if I'm confident I won't take excessive damage as a result.