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01-03-2012, 02:00 PM
Some reallty good news, if you manage to stick to track it looks like Season 5 will have given us 6 months of really good stuff.

I delighted to read the words content in there, and indeed featured episodes, but I have some niggling concern.

There was a pledge sometime ago by the great Stahl that we could expect possibly as many as ten featured series per year. Since his departure I have not seen or heard this restated, or indeed anything close to it. Like many in the community I was overjoyed when I heard that. They are THE best thing about STO. I worry that this idea for expanding high quality content may have been dropped somewhere along the line.

F2P in my epxerience leads to content death... please assure those of us who plan to continue with our loyal subs, that this will be a key development area for the game!