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01-03-2012, 03:28 PM
Following rapidly on the heels of the event is the new Dominion featured episode story arc, with five new episodes coming your way through February and into March. March should also see the first expansion for the Duty Officer system and the next set of game features, with some more events and content following though April and May.
Yay! 'bout time.
By "content" does that mean missions or just more eye candy?

The game goes to warp speed in February. We’re kicking off the month with a second anniversary event that includes the introduction of the new Odyssey class starship for Federation play and a brand new Klingon flagship for KDF play. Look for more information on these awesome ships later in the month.
Nice....wonder if they'll be worth what they cost in the Cstore...
The wallet's kinda empty lately...

All told, it’s my goal to have something new in the game nearly every week starting with the second anniversary event and running through the end of April
Please, let this mean more new missions not just more stuff to look at....*see above*

We’re already at work on the design of Season 6, which is being targeted for a June release. So what’s on the short list of features being worked on? We’re looking at doing some major upgrades on some key parts of the game. Foundry, PvP, and crafting are scheduled to get significant improvements, and there should also be some new features such as a fleet advancement system. We’ll share more details later as Season 6 comes into better focus.
Since I see no mention of it, any news on the "loosening up" of the KDF so they can start a new character from the beginning as KDF without having to start at level 25?
I was kinda hoping that would be higher on the list of priorities of things to do before reworking existing things.
I think many would appreciate it.