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01-03-2012, 03:13 PM
Hey SD, or Branflakes:

The game goes to warp speed in February. We’re kicking off the month with a second anniversary event that includes the introduction of the new Odyssey class starship for Federation play and a brand new Klingon flagship for KDF play. Look for more information on these awesome ships later in the month.
Oh so long ago, it was said that the Odyssey and KDF Flagship would be free in game unlocks.

Originally Posted by CapnLogan
It is my understanding that this ship will be given for free, it will not be a c-store ship.
CapnLogan said the Flagship would be free to his understanding.

Can we get an OFFICIAL word of this?
Will the Odessey and K'Flagship be free in-game via with no C_Store involved, or has the "plans changed"?

I just don't want another "The Excelsiors will be sold as a bundle" issue with what was said to be free ships.