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01-03-2012, 03:30 PM
That was a ton of vague comments.

Hopeful, yes. Nothing besides the FE was really 'promised' which of course is a good thing. This Diary was more of a... 'so we know whats on the agenda' kinda post. not a hard facts post.

Also, toss me in the boat with the NO Odyssey and KDF flagship to grabbag crowd. I will be furious about things if that happens.

Now i understand why a grab bag can be a good thing for cyrptic and i'm not 100% against them. But from the PR side of things, putting super highly desired items in a grab bag is a disaster. The bug ship... well its nice, but the Odyssey will be on a whole other level. just don't do it. Save grab bags for nice, but not NICE items.