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01-03-2012, 05:19 PM
The Odyssey class starship and the new Klingon Flagship will be available through game play using in game currencies (this is a promise). There may be variants of these ships in the C-Store at a later date, but you will definitely be able to get these ships in game. We'll reveal more about how they will be available later this month.

To set expectations on featured episode series, I think it's realistic for the development team to produce two or three series a year. I know we can fit in two series in 2012 and I'm trying to build a schedule to get a third one in, but it's not clear that it'll happen. As it is right now, you can expect the second series of the year to come out a little after the Season 6 launch, probably in July. (Note that once again this is a forward looking statement and not a promise, because pretty much anything could change by then.)

It's my belief that it takes a range of game play options to keep the game going. When it comes to my "something new" comment, I am thinking broadly. Consider how December went. We did the launch one week, Q's Wonderland event started the next week, the Duty Officer event the third week, and the nanopulse weapons in the fourth week. That's "something new every week" by my definition. And I think that the majority of players liked that there was something new (even if it was small) happening regularly.

It's unfortunately impractical to deliver story content all the time. In fact, story content will mostly be coming through the featured episodes (with somewhere between 9 and 13 episodes next year as per above). I'm working hard to get in more special events (like the Q's Winter Wonderland), more calendar events (like the Mirror Universe or Starfleet Academy), more content that is repeatable (like the STFs), and more fun little weekend events (like the recent Duty Officer weekend). We'll also sprinkle in things like the Duty Officer expansion and some new game features. There are a lot of ways to provide something new to you all.

And I'm totally okay with people being skeptical about delivery. Until the game builds a track record of delivery, feel free to be skeptical. We're working hard, though, to get things on track. I think December was a nice start, and that the next few months should prove out that we have the development team delivering. I'm sorry for the apparent stall in January, but the free-to-play conversion is a LOT of work and necessitated a brief slow down.

Happy new year everyone!

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