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01-04-2012, 04:25 AM
Originally Posted by MadDog0000
yeah its just a scheme to take as much as they can from players i really wanted a jem ship and spent over 500quid and all i got was junk. i cant think of any company that would get away with this in the real world.

ive decided to cut up my credit card and will go f2p when its live they are only losing good paying customers by ripping off people,speacialy when alot of there customers are vunerable its discusting behavour.

it wouldnt have been so bad if it cleary said u have a very small chance to win one of the items in the list with chances of each item.

but it just said you will recive one of the items in the list below, not you will get the same items over and over and over again.

if i didnt love star trek so much i would have quit along time ago.

for those that will be trolling saying ur fault for spending so much...blah ....blah...

bite me
If you want have someone bite you "do it yourself" (Read it with a joking attitude)... Theres no Trolling in telling you that it is your own fault... Cause it's the truth, said in a polite manner.

That said: The Gifts are a scam... it's even obvious to me. But because SOME people went ahead and tossed several $100 into them, it wont be the last time we see somthing like that.