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Ok.. well, lets see here *Checks C-store* seems only a few preorders arent in c-store... Stream and Target... The Body armor and the Rifle.. why? Im not quite sure.. Also dont get any ideas here cryptic. These items need to be released as account ide unlocks for atleast 2 weeks. (To make them equal to the rest) But really Tr-116, we've been asking for the TR-116 for to long now. Heres an idea... "Gear set One" for 260 cp. Account wide unlock, Unlocks, TR-116, The Steam preorder armor, And a PSG. For account wide for 2 weeks, then After 2 weeks sell them seperately for 120 CP each (char unlock) But we atleast need the oppourtunity to get account wide like we did every other preorder... it just wouldnt be fair to everyone who didnt preorder at target (atleast steam still sells their preorder)