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01-04-2012, 01:52 PM
1 beam for and aft, 2 photon torpedoes for and aft for abusing the ablative armor is the best i could give you weapon wise but as it stand the armor is simply a joke and building the weapons loadout around the abillity is a little dangerous in PVP but this weapons setting gives you the ability to ignore the weapons power setting allowing you to run high aux and put more power else where while still keeping some pretty good DPS even when shields are up and with the built in target shields and various other sci abilities like tractor beams and tacyon beam. This weapons setup will confuse some players in PVP(i had some difiants chasing me getting obliterated acusing me of hacking and cheeting with only a 4 weapon loadout while i was running 6) The dual luacher is to cut the torpedo luanch time in half, and if you add in the Doffs that reduce torp recharge you can sometimes fake a HYT attack.