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I'm worried about the media coverage of STO going F2P. I don't think the word has or is getting out there enough in the gaming community. Where are the commercials? The print marketing, the web marketing?

Is the word even getting out there that people who subbed prior to F2P are going to be able to start F2P early on the 5th? Other than the front page of STO, where is the media coverage for that?

Then as a whole, where is the media and marketing campaign to inform the masses that STO is now F2P?

I'm worried that the word hasn't quite got out there enough with a lack of marketing campaign.

What if F2P goes live, and STO doesn't see a big spike in numbers, what if its just a a small curve of new players? Will STO be in trouble?

I want F2P to succeed, I'm just not sure it's had enough of a push out there in the world to get it.