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Originally Posted by Kieshdor View Post
The Kar'Fi is a tactical carrier so of course its gonna be better in term of damage,that is where the term escort carier fell onto it and even now i still call it the escort carrier. The Vo'Quv is a Sci carrier missing everything of the Sci term part except the BO spots. The Vo'Quv was the carrier while the Kar'Fi was a combat support ship before the carrier updates increasing hanger slots which brought the Kar'Fi to a point where it is a "Pay To Win" ship rendering the Vo'Quv absolutely usless, if you include and the nerfs the Vo'Quv have received over the course of STO. As history has proven in STO the flight deck cruisers are going to recive more hangers while the Vo'Quv is simply gonna get more and more nerfs untill it becomes a commander lvled ship or less at the admiral ranks. The Vo'Quv needs updates not some Cstrore crap.
I have to agree with this.

You can’t compare the VO’Quv to the Kar’Fi anymore.

The Kar’Fi has clearly become the +1 vessel and it seems the VO’Quv is becoming the afterthought.

The Kar’Fi now has 2 hangers 4 forward weapon slots a +8 turn rate over the Vo’Quv. (Going off memory here I could be wrong on the exact numbers)

The Kar’Fi stock Frigate and fighters produce more damage than the Vo’Quv’s BOP and fighters.
(And are currently working a lot better too)

The Kar’Fi has its own special console while the Vo’Quv must get its special consoles elsewhere.

The only thing that the Vo’Quv has that the Kar’Fi does not is the extra Engineering slot.

There’s no reason that the Vo’Quv should only have 3 forward weapon slots, it should have a total of 4.

Before the Kar’Fi got its buff to +1 status we were told that it was given 4 forward weapons slots and a better turn rate than the Vo’Quv to make up for the fact that it only had 1 hanger and that argument no longer holds true.

The Vo’Quv needs the 4th forward weapon slot and its own special console and if all I’d have to give up is one engineering rank to get it I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I’m sure that they’ll be a Vo’Quv refit heading our way in the near future that force our existing Vo’Quv down to captains level.