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Originally Posted by Kieshdor View Post
The Kar'Fi is a tactical carrier so of course its gonna be better in term of damage,that is where the term escort carier fell onto it and even now i still call it the escort carrier. The Vo'Quv is a Sci carrier missing everything of the Sci term part except the BO spots. The Vo'Quv was the carrier while the Kar'Fi was a combat support ship before the carrier updates increasing hanger slots which brought the Kar'Fi to a point where it is a "Pay To Win" ship rendering the Vo'Quv absolutely usless, if you include and the nerfs the Vo'Quv have received over the course of STO. As history has proven in STO the flight deck cruisers are going to recive more hangers while the Vo'Quv is simply gonna get more and more nerfs untill it becomes a commander lvled ship or less at the admiral ranks. The Vo'Quv needs updates not some Cstrore crap.
The Vo'Quv could use some unnerfing but it is far from worthless. It has the largest crew count of any ship in the game and is still quite tough. It gets subsystem targeting for free that the Kar'Fi does not have. What I think they should really do is not make a whole new carrier though but instead to simply buff up the tanky aspects of the Vo'Quv. Maybe buff up its hull and shields a bit more than they currently are for instance. Making it more deadly would seem illogical.