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01-04-2012, 03:00 PM
Yes, I have changed my online name via c-token. Then, I checked the status where I can edit the first, middle, and last name. This is where my original name appears and where I would like to change it to the name I used the c-token with. They do not match...

The top line has my new (changed with token) name
the next line has the original name (first, middle, last)
and the next line is the species.

When I tried to change the first, middle and last name of my original character to match the top line I spend 1500 eu, then I get a message saying that the name is already being used. Then the change is dwnied.

I guess there is nothing I can do, I'll just get over it and move on....

Thank you for your time. :-) I appreciate the help.