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hey all, i dunno if this is the correct section of the forum, sorry in advance if i was wrong

i'd like to create a video to upload on youtube or similar sites, i recorded my video with demorecord command

i thought to re-record the video with fraps while playing on my client, then i would use pinnacle studio 15 to make the final version of the video ready for the upload.

is there a better way to do this?

i tryed to use pinnacle studio 15 for a videomaking from avi files recorded by fraps, i had an issue with the video size 16:9 / 4:3. only the first files i can choose the right size of 16:9, the others files are stuck in the wrong size of 4:3 and i can't modify it. why?

i'm a noob in this sector, every hints or tips are appreciate