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01-04-2012, 07:20 PM
Originally Posted by Aelfwin View Post
As much as I did not want to , and as much as this made me feel like a "Cryptic sympathizer" -- I have decided about almost two months ago , that come F2P 17.01.2012 , I will have to give Cryptic a clean slate .
I don't want to (heck even as I do so I have a protest in my sig. -- not what I hoped for as a "clean slate starter") -- but ultimately ... ultimately I have to .

I can't go on and on and on about what was . That's not who I am .
That's not to say that I don't have a queasy feeling about a lot of things . And I mean A LOT of things .
But I also believe that from mid-January , Cryptic won't just have to show us results -- they will have to show PWE results .
And as jaded as we are , and as much as our faith in Cryptic has hit rock bottom in the style of : "I don't believe a word they say until I see it for myself" -- I have to believe that everyone deserves one more chance .
From my POV -- this is that chance ... , and I'm willing to give it to them , clean slate and all .
I just wish it didn't come to me feeling like I had to do that .
I wish I had some faith left .
I think what D'Angelo did by writing in the forums was ultimately a good thing.

He added some realism to this whole thing. I respect that and even if it is not what I was hoping for, it is what it is. Really, it's just that simple now. So, I'm not so much a "naysayer" as I am someone who just has come to accept that STO won't live up to my expectations (or hopes) for at least another year or two. And honestly, I'm okay with that. And the reason I'm okay with that is because I actually sensed his sincerity and know that what he wrote was "the unfiltered truth."

You certainly can't begrudge someone for honestly doing all they can.