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I've found a rather interesting 'point' shall I say in the First City. if you go to the forge and jump up on the first forge that you see when entering the forge, and walk along the pipes, you'll eventually walk off/fall off and drop a huge distance, knocking about half your hitpoints off, and leaving you with a message stating that there is nothing else on the tricorder, maybe you should try a different path, and gives you the option to either beam up to your ship or dismiss... Anyway I took a few screenshots of this Qo'nos 'blackhole' to show you what its like in the center of Qo'nos... Quite interesting to say the least...

Core of Qo'nos? Dark Blue spot at the bottom. This is the view if you look down...

I have been able to repeat this 3 times, so I know its not a 'onetime' glitch.