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01-05-2012, 02:07 AM
You'd think they'd have learnt from other MMOs. Random drops doth not a merry playerbase make.

Not a clue how many elite STFs I've run now, but I know of people who have run 60+ and not gotten a sniff of the MKXII gear tokens.

If we're going to suffer through bullmanure oneshots/bugs/overcapable npcs we should get a reasonable accumulated payoff for our time invested.

as a sidenote:

Anyone else noticed standard cubes firing plasma cannon shots that hit (non-crit) for 10K plus? A burst of those is (as far as I can tell) 4 shots.

So as a normal attack a cube can hit you quite merrily for 40K dmg. And its done it when I wasn't even the targetted teammember.

Kinda depressing.