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i have a nice idea, why not raise the skill point cap? you already made changes twice now that drew back down on the experience, and now we have to endure yet another? do you have some sort of theory there that the more difficult you make game play the more people will love it and come in droves to relish the wondrous pleasure of dissapointment and utter despair or at the very least unending frustration of not accomplishing goals? i have a prediction, (and i think already those that are subscribe to the above theory or something like it are not wanting to really read this post) I think that after a long while perhaps even a year and MANY many complaints, perhaps a pre-setup cap of people leaving the game with this or a similar complaint you will either yet again revamp all skills and or some similar frustrating method of re-tooling skills or simply raise the cap level ENOUGH to allow maybe not an all out lev to the top, but better than it was before this nonsense started to get people back in the game or at least the people you have left to actually enjoy it well enough to play more often. I applaud you, you wanted to make more money, you found a viable way to do it,DONT KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGGS.

A long time back I left a game called Eve. That game held a lot of promise but the developers decided to let a bunch of gate ganking pirates or ninjas ruin the experience for a lot of people, in plain language, the game got too frustrating to play. a couple of years later and after a loss of a lot of players they finally got the message and made it a place for both pirates and civies to enjoy. they are now getting more payers, and after this i suspect at least one more from this game. please check my record before you dismiss my letter, you'll find i spend a good amount of money here on a regular basis, from the start, not just when you changed the format to ftp. all this could probably be said simply, -when a game becomes too easy, or TOO HARD, or too frustrating, it is no longer a game.
if you really read this devs, thanks for your time, if not dont worry, i will pobably not be posting again.