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01-05-2012, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
After reading tomorrow's patch notes, I nolonger trust anything Cryptic tells us. I mean sure I didn't trust them before.. but now I just know that they will be full of lies and BS. Especially when it comes to things they show us on the Test servers and give us lines like "We'll be talking all week about this.. and it's not set in stone." When nothing gets changed and it's going live anyway.

Oh well, I'll be playing in a Galaxy Far far away for a bit. Still waiting on Cryptic to do something about my items that I lost when my account got hacked. But honestly I doubt there will be anything done. 2 Years of work down the drain.
oh you talkin about the forced ground spec stuff?

.... i like how we basically got to public beta test this free to play stuff without being told we were public beta testing.