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01-05-2012, 04:57 AM
Originally Posted by Destinii
That "Warp 10" is the "Floor 13" of the warp scale? We can go to warp 9.9999_ then skip over to Borg engines at warp 14, Quantum Slipstream at Warp 20... but yeah, Warp *10* - that's just out.
At least Quantium Slipstream is a concept that supports faster than Warp 10 due to the manner in which it is accomplished. We do know what it means to reach Warp 10, and I do prefer when STO stays true to well-established canon. If Borg engines can go Warp 14, then they need to supply a technological reason for this that at least sounds feasible and doesn't break well-established canon.

I know some people don't care if STO breaks canon. However, I do, and so do many others. So yeah, that is out, absent an explanation.