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01-05-2012, 06:50 AM
I don't play the "tank/support" model that much, but can still fill the role so if you want a damage dealer/support/shield disabler vessel here is my set up...(that rips through stf's by the way)

Ens Sci: Polarize Hull
LtC Sci: Sci Team 1, Hazard II, TSS III
Cm Sci: Tractor Beam I, Tac Beam II, Tykens Rift II, Gravity Well III

Oh, I should add that my ens slot is actually a lt commander so I can flip out my TSS and Hazard if the need arrises...

Another note, I also use the armor. In some of the STF's, especially is very useful. There is nothing like getting the Donatra ship to target you..activate armor...wait for it...oh...only 2500 damage..haha