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As of this post, my account shows that I have been subscribed for 720.02 days.

I cannot claim the 700 day veteran reward Android Bridge Officer. I do not have the "Starfleet Merit" that is required.

I put in a support ticket in-game. The response I received in the ticket had nothing whatsoever to do with the problem I'm having. It basically told me that I shouldn't use in-game methods to tell how long I've been subscribed, that I should check My Account on the website. I'm uncertain why someone thought this would be an answer to my problem.

The end of the response says that if I "believe that an error has occurred, please update this ticket with the number of days you see in your Account Dashboard." However, I cannot see any way to update the ticket. The Edit Ticket button is greyed out.

Do I have to wait another 2 weeks for probably the same unhelpful response if I open a new ticket?