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I can give you a few suggestions on the console / equipment side of things. The skills you use are largely dependant on what you want to do... and I'm sure you'll appreciate someone elses input as well. Plus this post will get exceedingly long! For additional information, I also posted about a Galx-X a while ago here:

Nothing really wrong with deflector/engines/shields, especially for PvE, but I'd look at acquiring the Aegis set, or one of the STF sets when you do them.

Originally Posted by defendra
Engi Con
+16 kenetic resist +16 all energy resist
+2.8% weapon power setting
+22% paser, disruptor, plasma, tetryon, resist
+22% flight turn rate
Firstly the turn rate console is useless on the Dreadnaught. It boosts maneuverability by adding a percentage onto the ships base turn rate, and the ship has an extremely low one to start with. You're getting pracitcally no noticable benefit from this console.

Secondly, the + weapon power setting. This used to be a great choice, since the blue Mk XI ones gave a whopping +7 total power. However since season 5, they've been nerfed to half that This means the console is a bit of a waste now, since it gives such a small boost.

In place of those consoles I would run a Field Generator (+35% shield capacity) - for most people there's generally no excuse not to have that console. I mean... extra shields! For the other, perhaps a SIF generator to increase healing, or an EPS regulator to help with power drain. Even if you're an engineer, it's not a bad console to have.

Armour is perfectly fine as it is, although I'd personally go for two sets of Neutronium alloy to cover all types of damage. Alternatively run one Monotanium alloy (+ kinetic resist) for torpedos, and then another specialist armour for whatever NPC you're fighting. So for example against the Borg, run an Electroceramic armour (resists plasma damage), or against the Breen run a Parametallic armour (polaron resist). But really the choice of armour is whatever works for you.

Originally Posted by defendra
Sci Con
+32% crew recovery rate
+15 ship counter measure system
To be honest, the sci consoles on the Dreadnaught are the 'dump spot' for universal consoles. Put the Cloak console here, as well as the Borg console from the Assimilated mission. If you don't have the Borg console, go with an Emitter one (the one that used to be an astrometric imaging scanner) to increase shield heals.

Biofunction monitors are a joke, crew is currently meaningless in the game, so keeping them alive isn't really important. All that console does is delay the inevitable... flying around with a totally dead or injured crew! :p

Originally Posted by defendra
Tac Con
+24% phaser dmg
+15% all energy weapon dmg
Cloaking device
Go for 3 energy specific consoles here, I'd recommend Phaser Relays to boost your lance. Energy specific damage consoles give a 26% increase to damge, whilst generic ones such as Directed Energy Distribution Manifolds only give +24%. Its up to you which one to go with, and how much that 2% extra damage means to you.

Energy specific limits you to running phaser only weapons in your weapon slots but gives slightly better damage, and generic ones allow you to run multiple types of energy weapon at once at the cost of slightly reduced damage.

Either way... with three tact consoles, you'll melt PvE enemies.

Originally Posted by defendra
Forward Weapons
Duel phaser bank Mk X [acc x 2]
Retrofit Forward Phaser bank Mk x [crth] [dmg]
Plasma beam array Mk VIII [crtd] [dmg x 2]
Rapid reload transpgasic torpedo Mk X

Aft Weapons
Antiproton beam array Mk X [acc] [crth] [borg]
Poloron beam array Mk X [crth] [dmg]
Tetryon beam array Mk X [acc] [dmg x 2]
Phaser turret Mk VIII [dmg x 2}
There's a lot going on here with weapons, a very... rainbow build. Since season 5 you no longer have to specialise in a certain weapon type to get the most out of its damage, so rainbow builds are still feasable. Now it depends on your tactical console choice, if you chose to run with 3 Phaser Relays, then you have no choice but to run only phaser weapons (aside from torpedos of course!). If you chose the more generic console... you probably don't need to change much. Although I'd replace that single turret with a Beam Array, and the transphasic with a Quantum torpedo.

Since you'll be PvEing, all sorts of MK X and XI beam arrays will drop in space battles, so you can get on with replacing the beam arrays with higher rank ones as you go.

As a personal choice, I always stuck with phasers on the Dreadnaught. Partly out of habit, and partly because since I PvP - I want to squeeze as much damage out of the ship as possible. Hence the extra 2% on the specific tactical console was nice to have.