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01-05-2012, 07:32 AM
The reason warp 10 is unreachable is because, by the scale used in TNG, speed increased exponentially beyond warp 9.9 because of the way they calculated whole values in relation to the power levels present in the nacelles. Each full warp factor could be thought of as "shifting" to a higher "gear" like in a combustion engine, with each fractional warp factor being less "efficient" than the single whole value, for example warp 8.5 used more energy up than simply warp 9 due to how the engines were designed. Since there was no higher "gear" so to speak available than warp 9 the warp scale didn't take this into account and thus 10 was said to be infinite velocity. It's perfectly reasonable to say that technological advances in the intervening years added more "gears" to the engines and thus the warp scale would have be redone, perhaps on base 20 instead of 10, who knows...