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# 1 PvP - Ideas to Add Substance
01-05-2012, 08:07 AM
Stephen D’Angelo, from here.

We’re already at work on the design of Season 6, which is being targeted for a June release. So what’s on the short list of features being worked on? We’re looking at doing some major upgrades on some key parts of the game. Foundry, PvP, and crafting are scheduled to get significant improvements, and there should also be some new features such as a fleet advancement system. We’ll share more details later as Season 6 comes into better focus.
I've been around awhile, and last time PvP was getting content attention in a Season patch the result was the loss of the mine space map and the addition of the town ground PvP map.

Even the PvP community in STO knows that PvP gameplay in STO leaves a lot to be desired. More than anything else, what PvP lacks in Season 5 is exactly what it has lacked since Season 2 - a purpose. Ironically, in Season 1 PvP had a purpose - it was the fastest way to level and earn the top gear in the game. I know, that was as much about the lack of content everywhere else than PvP, but it was at least something that gave PvP in STO a reason for participation. Today, no such reason exists, and as such PvP has not evolved in STO at all.

So my question is - what would make you or your fleet more interested in PvP? I think everyone knows that successful PvP in MMORPGs must include some tangible purpose or reward, and I think everyone would agree that doesn't exist in STO. So my question to the community is, what tangible purpose or reward would encourage you to PvP?

For example - it has been rumored that the upcoming PvP changes will include open PvP zones like Ker'rat. OK, if we assume that, what should be the rewards?

Would a unique set found only in PvP zones encourage participation? What if the only item found in the PvP zone was unique blueprints for unique items? If EDC or Borg Salvage could be obtained in PvP zones, would you do that instead of STF? Are there other rewards that would make PvP more compelling?

Finally, I for one would really like to see PvP incorporated into the Foundry. If scenarios could be designed to compete multiple players against each other - well, in many ways the Foundry could be the mechanism by which PvP could include among other things - SPORTS - in STO.