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01-05-2012, 09:24 AM
I'll say, " done Good" when I see the KDF PvE missions arrive that give us fans a better level of gameplay.
Its time for growth, expansion and making STO more than it currently is in form and function.
All the content and changes for the better that has arrived in the turbulent 2 years of issues, errors and somesay outright false ambitions of others is great and has improved the game, but its still two years of bad press, illwill and empty accoplishments if the game does not grow beyond what it currently is and gives all fans of the genre a chance to enjoy playing what drew them to the genre to begin with.

Originally Posted by rswfire View Post

You certainly can't begrudge someone for honestly doing all they can.
I don't begrudge a person for doing the best they can in a bad circumstance for the short term.
This particular circumstance has long since past the road of SHort term and has become the highway of "OMG, when do the excuses stop."
New owners, same issues has gotten old. PWE needs to actually give the Cryptic guys a influx of staff/money or whatever if they wish to see STO grow beyond the stigmata that it is currently under.
or as Sisko would say, " You only get so many time up to bat, before you are benched."
I do not wish to see STO benched.